Dr. S. K. Padoley
[ M. Sc. Ph.d. ]
Education in rural sector is an important task to enrich below poverty live students for opting academic interest. In this context, basic degree education in ARTS, COMMERCE AND SCIENCE faculty is a primary step towards this aspect. Primarily to make the students aware about importance of basic graduation index in education in stepping in for Higher education to proceed for post-graduation studies in various universities.
To proceed for Higher education and Research and extension one must have an aptitude to opt stream lived education in ARTS, SCIENCE, COMMERCE, B.B.A., BCCA & B.Sc. (IT) but  this aptitude needs basic degree in faculty education as undergraduate  Institutes where the infrastructure should be financially liable  and academically stable.
To create next generation citizens of character, strength & confidence through focused teaching, all round grooming, individual attention and personality development.
To define futures through qualitative,enriching and affordable education